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We are rfa


Vocals, Guitar / Dan "Big D" Cousart

Bass, Vocals / Brendan "B" McHale

Guitar, Vocals / Christian "Dirty Turz" Turzo

Percussion / Alec "Ginge" Powell


It is undeniable that Philadelphia has one of the brightest, young music scenes in the country. Standing right in the thick of it is a quartet of fun-loving, passionate, and crazy college boys. They call themselves RFA. Through high energy Rock n’ Roll music, the group is showing people what having a good time is all about. 

This group of four twenty-somethings barely old enough to drink can already pack a room full of people and drivethem wild with their potent combination of catchy melodies, infectious hooksand tight, yet raging instrumentals. On their latest releaseSomething New From RFA, the band delivers a record thatperfectly captures the spirit and energy that makes them oneof the most exciting bands breaking out of Philadelphia’s flourishing music scene. Front man Dan Cousart’s lyrics are both insightful and genuinely heartfelt, capturing the highs and lows of young adult life in college without slipping into cliché. Their musicianship is equally as impressive, and their energetic stage antics and palpable chemistry will leave you in a state of sweaty, punch-drunk elation by the time the bartender shouts last call. RFA will make you laugh, they’ll make you think, but most importantly, they’ll leave you with a feeling – they’ll make you feel 19 and stupid again, and they’ll leave you begging for more.

After meeting when all four members were classmates at Saint Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia, the group cut their teeth playing house parties in the seedy basements of North & West Philadelphia and New York City.  Now, RFA is ready and eager to bring their DIY, no holds barred attitude to a national audience.  The group will always cherish the many nights spent in these basements honing their craft, but they pride themselves on their ability to make every venue feel just as intimate, just as sweaty, and just as uninhibited as the raucous house shows that defined their early career.  With a unique energy and a particular chemistry that another group would be hard pressed to match, the four compatriots are thrilled to be doing what they do best—taking their particular brand of rock and roll to cities that have not yet been fortunate enough to host an RFA show. 

Other artists are starting to notice how well the group is progressing. When RFA founded at a Saint Joe’s Preparatory High School lunch table in 2011, the young boys never even dreamed they would get to share a stage with the likes of Lucy Dacus, Rhett Miller of the Old ‘97s, and members of The Districts. Since that day five years ago, the raucous foursome have been spreading their thrill-seeking attitude across the Northeast and the buzz is finally building around them. WXPN’s own John Vettese is positive that 2016 will be “the year that RFA gets a well-deserved big break.” And with a few more months to go, the man may very well be on to something. With the help of Tinderbox Music, RFA will be featured on national TV stations such as MTV, A&E, and ESPN.

RFA will be going on its first National Tour this November and will be releasing their documentary about the making of Something New from RFA in the coming months.


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Something New From RFA

by RFA